John Sutton For MO House

Hello, my name is John Sutton and I running for the Democratic nomination in August for the State's 29th District House of Representative seat. I plan on running against Noel Torpey who will be up for reelection in November and i intend to defeat him. I have been a Missouri resident all my life, while having lived the past 24 years in Jackson County. I grew up in Houston Missouri. My father was a farmer, carpenter and worked for the City of Houston. My mother was a City worker and worked for and retired from HD Lee Company. I served in the United States Army for 15 years and retired as a disabled non-commissioned officer. I am currently a Chemistry/Biology teacher at Van Horn High School, having taught in the Independence School District for 22 years. I graduated from the University of Central Missouri (CMSU) in 1994 with a BSE and then with a Masters degree in Science Education in 1997. I have been married to my lovely wife, Peggy, for the past 35 years. I have three children and 2 grandchildren.

Our current economy is not the boom it once was. I believe it is because jobs are not staying in the cities and towns. The Allis Chalmer Factory in Independence, Armco, and many others have closed. Even the Lee jeans factory in my hometown has closed. Jobs are moving out of state and out of the country because of lower corporate tax rates elsewhere. One of my main goals in the Legislature would be propose a bill that would give incentives to businesses that either bring or keep jobs in Missouri. Ill also expend resources to make sure that our roads and other infrastructure are in better shape to attract more jobs and businesses. Without jobs staying in Missouri, we will bleed out social services such as TANF, unemployment benifits, and other services meant to protect those with no or low-paying jobs.

While ensuring jobs return and remain in this great state, I will focus on our most cherished assest: our children. My 20+ years in the public school system have taught me that with hard work and determination, children can enrich their lives and become thoughtful citizens who make great strides in their own lives and the lives of their families and community members. Before there can be "the change they want to see in the world", they must be given the opportunity. I am running to ensure that every child in Missouri be given the quality education that he or she rightly deserves. This goal is not completed through school vouchers or the performance-based pay for teachers that many politicians propose. We must give teachers the training, resources and pay they need and create a positive learning environement for children that does not include bullying, drugs, or other factors beyond their control. We will then see our future generation grow into civic-minded citizens who solve more problems than past generations have created. I cannot ensure better lives for Missouri's Citizens without your support.

My opponent, Noel Torpey, collected over 126,000 during the 2012 election cycle, and this election estimated to collect over 300,000. If we have a chance at defeating him, I will need your help. Last election we only lost by a few votes. Together we can bring common sense back to Jefferson City. I urge you to help me help Missouri; I'm commited to being a full time legislator and wish to add some maturity to a very youthful state goverment.


John Sutton